FlexSystems Announces the Launch of FlexBioCorn


El Cajon, California – United States – Friday, December 14, 2012 – FlexSystems, an established leader in Custom labels and promotional products, today announced the debut of the FlexBioCorn, FlexBioCorn is a new pvc that does not contain the ingredient phthalate.

According to FlexSystems Website Manager David Marshall, the FlexBioCorn will be available for purchase on 12/12/2012 and will be available online at https://www.flexsystems.com.

“Many of our customers have been requesting that their custom patches, pvc labels and custom keychains be manufacturered with a real green material,” said Marshall. “The Flex Bio Corn is a bio degradable material and made from a corn based compound and we look to have the entire factory using this new material by the end of 2013.”

More About FlexSystems

Founded in 1994, FlexSystems has helped many businesses with Custom labels and promotional products. The company’s mission statement is “Flexsystems®, is a USA manufacturer and importer of custom 3D flexible PVC labels and molded plastic products”.

To learn more about FlexSystems, you should call (619)401-1858 or visit them online at https://flexsystems.com.