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Custom Rubber Patches Made in the USA

Many customers call our PVC labels rubber patches. While we can import pure rubber, most customers really are referring to our PVC labels. Our material, FlexBioCorn tm, is new and is biodegradable and medical grade. In the case of the customer Organ Recovery, we had a difficult logo to work with as well as small copy. The customer did not want to simplify their logo, which is understandable. So we used our 4CP or four-color process for the small globe and our 3D PVC label technique for the copy.

What Are Rubber Patches or PVC Labels?

Most people call pvc labels rubber patches. And they also call them silicone labels. Customers end up buying the custom pvc labels or rubber labels and rubber patches as they call them. The material or poly vinyl chloride, is very sturdy. It will last longer that the items it is sewn onto or heat sealed to. Our material is medical grade pvc. We are the only company in our industry with this. FlexBioCorn uses a corn ingredient instead of phthalates. Our eco pvc material is for our USA made pvc labels and rubber patches only. Our orient factories do not have this material. These labels are soft and flexible and can withstand harsh environments. They do not fade, peel, crack or unravel. A superior way to brand your product line.

What are the options for the Rubber Patches, PVC Labels or Custom Patches?

The sky is the limit ! Create your own shape, size, pantone color, fragrance, reflective, add VELCRO® brand fasteners®, wet look, glitter, glow in the dark and whatever else you can think of ! We rarely say no. We add a sew channel around the border if you want your decorator to sew them on easily for you. We can add the tacking adhesive to the back to make it even easier for them.

How to you use Rubber Patches, PVC Labels and Custom Patches?

The easiest way to use our USA made rubber patches and rubber labels is to sew them on. Most people sew them onto hats, bags, polo shirts, luggage, packs, computer bags. We also do the decoration here in San Diego to make it easy for you. Other uses are using the rubber patches and pvc labels on computers, doors, medical straps, motocross seats, swim trunks, helmets and displays to name a few ideas.

Diane, I’m planning to make another order of rubber patches from your company since the first batch has just been perfect. They’ve been through all sorts of abuse and they still look great.

The plan is to use the same mold, but using a different set of colors that I’ll be putting together. Let me know how to walk through another order and any other details I’ll need to handle.


-Kit Young


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